Toba no Fuji - Wisteria flower


I went to see wisteria flower called "Toba no Fuji" last weekend.


Once a year, "Kyoto Toba Water Environment Conservation Center" is open to the public at this time. There is a wisteria shelf covering a total length of 120m.


It was full of many spectators to see wisteria flowers.


Wisteria was a little before full bloom, but I was very healed by the beautiful purple flowers.
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Information on season's holidays closure

We will be closed from 2019/4/29 to 2019/5/6 for the season's holiday.

Regarding inquiries received during the holidays, we will respond sequentially after the holidays.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Late flowering cherry blossoms of Kyoto Gyoen


Last weekend I had a picnic at Kyoto Gyoen.

Cherry blossom was in full bloom at the beginning of April, but "Demizu no Shidarezakura" also became leaves and was swaying in the wind. No one has come to see now.


On the other hand, hYaezakurah cherry blossoms near "Demizu no ogawa" was just in full bloom.
It had a large pink flower and was very beautiful. For a while, we will be able to enjoy cherry blossom viewing.

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Test measurement of the remade SP using Fostex & Olasonic units.


I fine-tuned my remade SP with using a tweeter of Fostex 2-way and Olasonic fullrange unit.

The picture below is the original SP previously crafted using Fostex 2-way units.


In the remade SP, the front baffle was doubled and two full ranges were installed there.

I measured frequency characteristics with the RTA app "Audio Frequency Analyzer ". (Measured at 1 m position on the axis, pink noise)

@ Characteristics of Olasonic full range only (8 ƒ¶ parallel ¨ 4 ƒ¶)
Bass reflex tuning is almost as calculated around 120Hz. The high frequency is cut by the air core coil (0.18mH), but it has a 10k-12kHz peak unique to the unit.


@ Total characteristics by Fostex tweeter's Low-cutoff frequency with each capacitor(1.0/1.5/2.2/3.3uF)
It can be seen that the 4k-8kHz dip disappears as the capacitance of the capacitor is increased. The characteristics of 3.3ƒÊF seem to be good, but on hearing the sound is still high and it still feels awkward. It may be interfering by the peak of the fullrange unit. So, I will try for a while with 2.2 ƒÊF as a temporary condition.

# C=1.0uF

# C=1.5 uF

# C=2.2uF

# C=3.3uF
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Remade SP using Fostex 2-way & Olasonic fullrange


I was wondering what to do as a woofer unit of Fostex 2-way SP in the appendix of STEREO magazine (August 2014) had damaged.

So I tried combining Fostex 2-way with Olasonic fullrange in the appendix of DigiFi No.19 magazine.

The crossover network is set to -6 dB/oct, the crossover frequencies are 4 kHz LPF on the full range side and 6 kHz HPF on the tweeter side.

The tweeter side is adjustable, so I will do fine tuning from now on.
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