Lightup of Kiyomizudera


A sunset glow in Kyoto city seen from Higashiyama.

It was very sunny in this evening, so I could see the sunset sunk in Nishiyama.


I started to light up at 17:30, but I was on standby a little before that and count down the moment of light up.

Unfortunately, that light up only got a little bit brighter, it took about 10 minutes to get full lighting.


In Kiyomizudera, the main hall and the stage are undergoing extensive restoration.

The blue light pointing to the western Pure land from the back of the main hall was very fantastic.

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Autumn leaves of Nanzenji in Kyoto


The autumn leaves of Nanzenji temple were colored. It is a bit disappointing because red color of autumn leaves is not good this year.


The golden color of the ginkgo was brilliant.


The autumn leaves of the Suirokaku in the back of Nanzenji temple were just in the best budget.
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"Shinnyodo" - Kyoto


Last weekend, I went to "Shinnyodo" temple in Kyoto and saw the autumn leaves.

Autumn leaves of the temple precincts came pretty colored. The peak will be around the end of this month.


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New updated - "Vocalise Scope" ver 4.3


"Vocalise Scope" was updated to ver 4.3 today.

"Vocalise Scope" is a new diagnostic vocal pitch-visualizer for iPhone. It has also the Recording function with the pitch analysis.

It can display your vocal pitch in real-time. It will assist you visually for training your a cappella vocals and practice of Passaggio. Please be exploited to improve the ability for your singing.

vocalise_3_v410.png vocalise_2_v410.png

If you are interested in this app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.

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"Kyoto Gosho" - Kyoto Imperial Palace


Last weekend, I went to the general worship of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, "Kyoto Gosho".


The Kyoto Imperial Palace has been open to the whole year since July 2016. Therefore, I have not been going for a while because I can go anytime.


I was quite disappointed because it was covered with white walls for construction at various places in the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

Moreover, the tour route was also quite restricted, and many buildings became glazed and the inside became invisible.

It seems that the original Kyoto Imperial Palace can no longer be seen by year-round publication.



Many damage in this summer typhoon which hit the Kansai region remained in Kyoto Gyoen park.



Cherry blossoms and pines were broken and withered, and big trees were lying down with the root. All the trees that could cause secondary damage had been cut.

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