New updated - "Hearing Analyzer Portrait" ver 2.0


"Hearing Analyzer Portrait" was updated to ver 2.0.

"Hearing Analyzer Portrait" is an ear wellness application that can be easily measured the frequency characteristics of your hearing. It covers a wide frequency range of up to audio band from voice band. You can self-diagnose the audio listening ability.

It is recommended to check your own hearing ability on a daily basis for the audiophile, music players, sound professionals and all music lovers.

By measuring the characteristics of your current hearing, please try to consider the wellness of your ears and the way of natural sound reproduction. It is possible to measure the hearing of the audio range by finding the minimum point in the operation of the slider volume that you can hear the tesing pure tone for each frequency. The results are displayed in easy-to-read charts like the audiogram.

hla_test_left_v200.png hla_test_right_v200.png

LVL frequency response of hearing - Linear level without ATH compensation (Measurement frequency: 31.5Hz - 20kHz).

hla_lvl_both_1_v200.png snap_lvl_v200.png

ATH frequency response of hearing - ATH compensation (ATH, Measurement frequency: 125Hz - 12kHz)

hla_ath_both_1_v200.png snap_lvl_ath_v200.png

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New updated - "Audio Tone Generator for iPad" ver4.1


「Audio Tone Generator for iPad」 was updated to ver 4.1.

"Audio Tone Generator for iPad" is a high quality Audio Signal Generator app for iPad.

It creates the Audio Reference Signals as Sine waves, Frequency Sweep, White Noise and Pink Noise, and has a high precision of DVD quality and a frequency accuracy of 0.1Hz.

It will help you to make the benchmark for your audio equipment and loudspeakers, your listening environment and room acoustics or your hearing.

The signals created by this app can be best used in conjunction with external devices, such as an audio spectrum analyzer or a sound level meter.




In addition, it can generate Octave band noise in 1/1 or 1/3 octave band. Octave band noise can be used for various purposes as a reference sound source for environmental sound measurement, sound tuning, auditory effects like tinnitus relief and sound masking.


Please to click the following link to show "Audio Tone Generator for iPad" from App StoreTM. It will be open our product page on App StoreTM.

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Self-made digital audio cable by pure silver material - FTVS-510 & SLSB


I made a new BNC digital cable for my digital audio system.

By replacing HDD-2TB of HDD audio player "NAC-HD1", I have more opportunities to play HDD audio recently. Since "NAC-HD1" has connected with a full digital amplifier via a digital connection, I decided to create a new digital audio cable.

The parts are those of pure silver material for digital cable originally made by Oyaide Electric in Akihabara.

I tried evaluating the new silver BNC digital cable. Compared to my conventional coaxial cable, it has a lot of information volume, very flat range and fine feeling of sound granulation.

The coaxial cable is "Oyaide FTVS-510", pure silver wire with purity of 5N. It is a 5C2V equivalent cable with a characteristic impedance of 75Ω, so it is quite thick. This cable has an arrow indicating the transmission direction.


The BNC plug is "Oyaide SLSB", the contact pin is pure silver with purity of 4N, the outer material is 24K gold plated brass. The contact pins were machined from 4N pure silver rod with 4 mm thickness with NC machine. The BNC plug is designed to completely match the characteristic impedance 75 Ω and to eliminate signal disturbance due to reflection of the connector part.


Because impedance matching is essential for digital transmission, it is best to connect with BNC for high frequency transmission. In the case of digital audio, it seems that many cases are connected by RCA cable, but the RCA connector is for analog audio connection, the majority of which are not protected by impedance. Naturally, return loss occurs due to impedance mismatch. On the other hand, the BNC standard is is properly specified in the voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR).

Coaxial cable FTVS-510 specification :
- Wire material : 1.05 mm 5 N (99.9995%) Sterling silver skin pass processing
- Structure : Coaxial structure
- Insulator : fluororesin skin layer & foamed polyethylene
- Shield : copper foil & silver plated copper (braid ratio: 95% or more)
- Exterior : UV cut PVC
- Characteristic impedance : 75 Ω
- Capacitance : 56.5 nF/Km
- Wavelength shortening ratio : 74.5%
- Attenuation amount : 23.1 dB/Km
- Conductor resistance : 21 Ω/Km
- Outside diameter : 8.0 mm

BNC plug - SLSB specification :
- Center pin material : 4N pure silver
- Outer Material : Brass 24K gold + Berichrome plating
- Internal insulator : PTFE
- Characteristic impedance : 75 Ω
- Adaptive wire diameter : 9.0 mm
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Aoi matsuri - Kyoto


Aoi Matsuri festival was held, it is one of the three biggest festivals in Kyoto.
It is the solemn festival from the Heian period. I have seen departure of the ceremony at Kyoto Gosho Imperial Palace.


Aoi matsuri festival held on May 15 every year, it is the special festival of Shimogamo Shrine and Kamigamo Shrine which are world heritage sites. In 1400 years ago, this festival began with praying for a rich harvest.


The parade departs in Kyoto Gyosho in the morning and takes about half a day to visit Shimogamo Shrine and Kamigamo Shrine. I was able to see the heroine of Aoi matsuri, Saiodai just in front of my eyes.


A horse ramped right in front of me, a man of Heian clothing fell off horse. Fortunately he seems to have not been hurt.

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New updated "Listening Tuner" ver 2.0


"Listening Tuner" was updated to Ver 2.0.

"Listening Tuner" is a new sound amplifier app to assist you better hearing with equalizing many different frequency spectrum sound.

All sound consists of the combination of frequency, strength and tone spectrum. On whether the balance of the three elements is captured how changed the over time, it is determined your audibility.

This app can easily adjust sounds to obtain your optimal hearing experience by using your iPhone mic and headphones. Also you can be a simulated experience of hearing loss.


It helps you to listen comfortable by using our proprietary digital processing technology, Graphic Parametric Equalizer, Preset Equalizer, Noise Suppressor and more sound control functions. On "Replay" function, you can playback your missed listening sound.


Please to click the following link to show "Listening Tuner" from App StoreTM. It will be open our product page on App StoreTM.

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