Information on season's holidays closure

We will be closed from 2017/12/30 to 2018/1/8 for the season's holiday. Regarding inquiries received during the holidays, we will respond sequentially after the holidays. Thank you for your understanding.

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Rohm Illumination 2017


Last night, I went to "Rohm Illumination 2017".


In this season, the semiconductor maker, ROHM is hosting illuminations around the head office.

It was crowded with many visitors since it was the last day of this event.


The illumination by the 660 thousand LED lamps is very beautiful and my mind was healed.

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Happy Holidays !


I had a holiday party at my home and a very nice time.

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"Seiya" - Oimatsu, Kyoto


Holidays limited sweets, "Seiya" of Oimatsu in Kyoto.
The dough was very fluffy taro, and the inside was soft sweet bean paste. It was modest sweet and elegant taste.
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Scanspeak 5cm Full-range Soft Enclosure SP


I made a soft enclosure SP (carpet speaker) by using Scanspeak 5 cm full range (5F/8422T03).

It is adopted a compact and powerful neodymium magnet, but is very lightweight.
Therefore, I attached a dead-mass of aluminum round bar (ƒÓ25 mm, 100 mm, 135 g) to the rear part of the magnet. Because air hole to remove back pressure is empty, I was worried how to install it, but I glued epoxy via a ceramic spacer.
The stability of the sound is quite different depending on whether there is this dead-mass.

The pedestal part of this SP is troublesome of the cylindrical enclosure, but I adopted the spinning wheel that I bought at Kyoto Nishijin. Vivid silk thread is rolled and it is very beautiful. I reinforced the strength with adhesive, but because the weight is light, stability is likely to increase if it attaches a dead-mass to this part as well.


The sound is a sound field type reproduction in which the pipe length is short, the unit has a small caliber of 5 cm and it is pointing upward, so the low frequency band does not appear so much, but the sound stage spreads deeply.

Soft enclosure itself is a sound absorbing material and there is no box ringing, so I think that it is a stress free sound. I think that the physical structure is the same as the resonance tube, so I'd like to try out a version with a long pipe.

It shows the frequency characteristics when pink noise is playbacked. (Measurement with "Audio Frequency Analyzer" app: 1/3 octave band, HOLD setting, 50 cm measurement from side direction)


SP unit specification
- Manufacturer : ScanSpeak
- Model number : 5F/8422T03
- Magnet : Neodymium
- Impedance : 8 Ħ
- Lowest resonance frequency : 118 Hz
- Output sound pressure level : 80 dB
- Max input : 50 w
- Vibration force force : 1.67 g
- Qo : 0.53
- Effective vibration radius : 22 mm

Enclosure specification
- Format : Soft enclosure type
- Cylindrical outer diameter : 100 mm
- Cylindrical inner diameter : 56 mm
- Cylinder length : 230 mm
- Overall height : 350 mm
- Remarks : Dead mass - Aluminum round bar (ƒÓ25 mm, 100 mm, 135 g), No sound absorbing material.
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