Momiji tunnel - Eiden in Kyoto


I went to the "Momiji tunnel" of the Eizan train (Eiden).

On the railway line between Ichihara station and Ninose station, a maple grows naturally over about 250 meters and is called "Momiji tunnel". In the autumn leaves season, this line will be lighted up at night.

When the train arrived at this section, the inside light was turned off, and I enjoyed beautiful autumn leaves from the train window.



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Otowa dam - Kyoto


It is the autumn leaves of the "Otowagawa" erosion control dam located at the foot of Mt. Hiei in Kyoto.


Some people come to play around the water in summer, but in this season I meet occasionally with the neighbors who come to the dog's walk.

Nearby there are many famous places such as Shogakuin Rikyu and Manshuin, so it probably will not come all the way.

If there is a lot more autumn colors, it might be said to be hidden sightseeing spot.

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Autumn leaves of Manshuin temple - Kyoto


It is autumn leaves of Manshuin temple at Shugakuin in Kyoto.

Right now it is the peak of autumn leaves. The autumn leaves carpet was very beautiful. I think that you can enjoy enough until the end of next week.


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Osaka Castle Il Mineage - Osaka


I went to see the autumn leaves and illumination at Osaka Castle Park.

"Osaka Castle Il Mineage" is an illumination event that began the day before yesterday. It uses 3 million LED light bulbs.


Collaboration of light up of Osaka Castle and colorful illumination was very beautiful.


This event will be held at the Nishinomaru garden at Osaka Castle Park for 96 days until February 25 next year.

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Night view of Kiyomizu-dera - Kyoto


I went to a special lighting up at the night view of Kiyomizu-dera!

It is a very popular sightseeing spot in Kyoto, but it was able to relax at night compared to the crowded daytime.


Currently, the main hall is under the repair, so I not very scenic in daytime. At night, it softened the atmosphere during the construction work by the spotlight of autumn leaves.

A blue light is called "Kannon compassion", and it is irradiated toward the west in the city of Kyoto. Contrast with the light up of the triple tower and red autumn leaves is slightly fantastic.


In November, the weather in Kyoto city is getting cold, but the autumn leaves around Kiyomizu-dera are beginning to red color about 30%.


It seems that autumn leaves will be in full red around end of the month.

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