New release - "Timbre16 Player" - Free download reservation has been started!


New release on May 24. Free download reservation has been started!

"Timbre16 Player" is new music enhancer app that reproduces the favorite music with your sound image.

Enjoy more good sounds by tuning Tone palette with Sound equalizer, like as choosing your favorite one from the color palette. Tone palette has 16 types of sound enhancement settings, and Sound equalizer has 4 frequency settings.

t16p_play_3_v100.png t16p_songs_v100.png

t16p_top_1_v100.png t16p_artists_v100.png

If you are interested in this app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.


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Kamo Kurabeuma - traditional horse racing


On May 5 during a long holiday, I went to see the traditional horse racing event, "Kamo Kurabeuma" at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto.



This event has been held every year since 1093 and is said to be the birthplace of horse racing in Japan.

A straight course is set up in the shrine grounds, and two horses compete for speed on the 150 meter section.


It was a bit far away and there were so many people that it was difficult for me to shoot horse racing scenery.


The reason that the priest is climbing high is to judge the race match.

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Toba no Fuji - Wisteria flower


I went to see wisteria flower called "Toba no Fuji" last weekend.


Once a year, "Kyoto Toba Water Environment Conservation Center" is open to the public at this time. There is a wisteria shelf covering a total length of 120m.


It was full of many spectators to see wisteria flowers.


Wisteria was a little before full bloom, but I was very healed by the beautiful purple flowers.
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Information on season's holidays closure

We will be closed from 2019/4/29 to 2019/5/6 for the season's holiday.

Regarding inquiries received during the holidays, we will respond sequentially after the holidays.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Late flowering cherry blossoms of Kyoto Gyoen


Last weekend I had a picnic at Kyoto Gyoen.

Cherry blossom was in full bloom at the beginning of April, but "Demizu no Shidarezakura" also became leaves and was swaying in the wind. No one has come to see now.


On the other hand, ”Yaezakura” cherry blossoms near "Demizu no ogawa" was just in full bloom.
It had a large pink flower and was very beautiful. For a while, we will be able to enjoy cherry blossom viewing.

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Test measurement of the remade SP using Fostex & Olasonic units.


I fine-tuned my remade SP with using a tweeter of Fostex 2-way and Olasonic fullrange unit.

The picture below is the original SP previously crafted using Fostex 2-way units.


In the remade SP, the front baffle was doubled and two full ranges were installed there.

I measured frequency characteristics with the RTA app "Audio Frequency Analyzer ". (Measured at 1 m position on the axis, pink noise)

@ Characteristics of Olasonic full range only (8 Ω parallel → 4 Ω)
Bass reflex tuning is almost as calculated around 120Hz. The high frequency is cut by the air core coil (0.18mH), but it has a 10k-12kHz peak unique to the unit.


@ Total characteristics by Fostex tweeter's Low-cutoff frequency with each capacitor(1.0/1.5/2.2/3.3uF)
It can be seen that the 4k-8kHz dip disappears as the capacitance of the capacitor is increased. The characteristics of 3.3μF seem to be good, but on hearing the sound is still high and it still feels awkward. It may be interfering by the peak of the fullrange unit. So, I will try for a while with 2.2 μF as a temporary condition.

# C=1.0uF

# C=1.5 uF

# C=2.2uF

# C=3.3uF
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Remade SP using Fostex 2-way & Olasonic fullrange


I was wondering what to do as a woofer unit of Fostex 2-way SP in the appendix of STEREO magazine (August 2014) had damaged.

So I tried combining Fostex 2-way with Olasonic fullrange in the appendix of DigiFi No.19 magazine.

The crossover network is set to -6 dB/oct, the crossover frequencies are 4 kHz LPF on the full range side and 6 kHz HPF on the tweeter side.

The tweeter side is adjustable, so I will do fine tuning from now on.
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Cherry blossom in Kyoto


A cherry blossom declaration has been issued in Kyoto City, but then cold days continue. The flowering of cherry blossoms is rather slow than usual.


At Gion Shirakawa, there are a lighting up event of cherry blossoms.
We will be enjoying cherry blossoms for this week.



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New updated - "Sound Level Analyzer" ver 3.1


"Sound Level Analyzer" was updated to ver 3.1 today.

"Sound Level Analyzer" is sound level meter and sound analysis tools for iPhone.

Available in variety of applications as the neighboring environmental noise measurement, audio system check, vehicle interior noise check, sound check of live events, and more.

In this version, it has been added the measured value display function in 1/3 oct band response analysis.


In addition, this app can perform the frequency spectrum analysis in real time.

sla_v310_ps_all.png sla_v310_ps_1.png

It can display the frequency spectrum characteristics at the time of maximum equivalent noise level (Lmax).

sla_v310_ps_all_max.png sla_v310_ps_value_max.png

If you are interested in this app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.

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New updated - "Sound Level Analyzer PRO" ver 2.1


"Sound Level Analyzer PRO" was updated to ver 2.1.

"Sound Level Analyzer PRO" is a new integrated sound measurement app with sound level measurement and powerful sound analysis tools.

It is a professional-grade sound level measurement app further evolved from "Sound Level Analyzer".

It can display automatically the instantaneous sound level such as environmental noise, specific sound sources, live sounds in real-time.


In addition, this app has advanced sound analysis functions that can perform "Power Spectrum Analyzer", "Time Course graph", and "Statistical Analysis (Histogram, Percentile Level)".

It can be used to analyze characteristics and trends of occurrence for the noise/sound source.

slapro_v210_ps_value.png slapro-v210-tc.png

slapro-v210-sa-ln.png slapro-v210-sa-hist.png

If you are interested in this app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.


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