New updated "fo-Kannon" ver 2.1


"fo-Kannon" was updated to Ver 2.1 today.

"fo-Kannon" is a powerful Real-time Audio Analyzer (RTA) app for iPad. It uses our proprietary digital signal processing technology to analyze incoming audio signals and provides a precision frequency response measurement and spectral visualization.

The measurement is displayed the logarithmic amplitude response in the frequency range of 20kHz from 20Hz, the 1/3 Octave band or the logarithmic FFT scale.

"fo-Kannon" is available in a variety of applications, such as room tuning, speaker test, audio equipment test, stage setting measurement and evaluation of sound mixing environment.



If you are interested in "fo-Kannon" app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.


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Blooming Sakura - Gion Kyoto

Since it was springy warmth, I have seen cherry blossoms around Kamogawa, Kiyamachi and Gion Shirakawa.


Cherry blossoms have just bloomed in Kamogawa.
The cherry blossom tree of about 1 km continues along the Takase River flowing through Kiyamachi, and It was preparing for the light up.


Many cherry blossom trees are planted along the Gion Shirakawa. Flowering was proceeding more than Kamogawa and Kiyamachi.



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Cherry blossom blooming - Kyoto Gyoen

Arrival of the cherry blossom season! Flowering is an early feeling for more than a week from the usual year.


Last weekend I went to Kyoto Gyoen park and checked the flowering situation of cherry blossoms.
There are many kinds of cherry blossoms in the garden, and it is just beginning to bloom.


Cherry blossoms in the precincts of Munakata shrine were blooming a little.


"Demizu no Sidarezakura" is near the "Demizu no Ogawa".
It is a very big cherry tree, but it has just started to bloom.


In the peach forest in the southwest of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, peaches are now just beginning to bloom.


Since plum is still blooming, it will be a valuable timing to see all the flowers at the same time this weekend.
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I tried replacing my iPhone battery myself!


"iPhone 5" released in 2012. It was a iPhone device that was active in my App development.

This is due to the expansion of the built-in battery, the light has come to leak from the side of LCD. The home button is also less effective.

As expected, if I leave it for a long time in this state, the LCD will crack.

Although such an old model, the cost of Apple battery exchange service is quite expensive. If it is iPhone 6 or later, it is reasonable because of performance reduction problem.

So, I decided to replace the battery myself!


Looking for it on the web, there is what is called "Battery exchange kit for iPhone 5" with a battery and replacement tool set, and it was available at around $ 15.

The manual is attached properly and the exchange procedure is illustrated in a way that is easy to understand. Just to be sure, I tried watching the video related to battery replacement on YouTube, but it was almost the same way.


To disassemble iPhone 5, I removed 2 screws on both sides of the Lightining terminal at the bottom.


I attached the suction cup to the LCD panel and pulled it up, the LCD panel came off the main body.
Since the upper part is connected by a flexible cable, it must be pulled from the bottom.


I opened the inside of the iPhone 5, and I was surprised to see that the built-in battery bulged large.
This was a very dangerous situation. It seems to be on the brink of destroying the LCD or burning the battery.


I will remove the metal cover from the two screws and disconnect the power connector.
The battery was firmly affixed with double-sided tape, so it was a bit painful, but it got off well.


It seems that it is swollen with internally generated gas and it is very soft touch feeling.
As a chemical mechanism of lithium-ion batteries, it seems that flammable gases such as hydrogen, CH4, C2H4, C2H6 are generated, so there is a high risk of burning in this state.
I will bring it to battery recycling by isolating the power connector soon.


I replaced it with a new battery and linked the power connector.
Furthermore I close the LCD panel and complete with installing star screws. These work took about 10 minutes.


I turned on the main power and it started up properly! The battery level was 59%.
Light leakage from the side of the LCD is also gone, and it seems to be safe to use for a while.

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New updated "Sound Level Analyzer PRO" ver 1.1


"Sound Level Analyzer PRO" was updated to ver 1.1 today.

"Sound Level Analyzer PRO" is a new integrated sound measurement app with sound level meter and powerful sound analysis tools. It can display automatically the instantaneous sound level such as environmental noise, specific sound sources, live sounds in real-time.

"Sound Level Analyzer PRO" has advanced sound analysis functions that can perform "Power Spectrum Analyzer", "Time Course graph", and "Statistical Analysis (Histogram, Percentile Level)". It can analyze the characteristics and the trends of occurrence for the sound source.

@Sound Level Meter

@Power Spectrum

@Time Course

@Statistical Analysis:Histogram

@Statistical Analysis:Percentile Level

If you are interested in "Sound Level Analyzer PRO" app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.

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New updated - "Audio Tone Generator Lite" ver 3.2


"Audio Tone Generator Lite" was updated to ver 3.2 today.

"Audio Tone Generator Lite (ATG Lite)" is a high quality Audio Signal Generator app for iPhone, which creates the Audio Reference signals as Sinewave, Frequency Sweep, White Noise and Pink Noise.

It will help you to make the sound benchmark for your audio equipment and loudspeakers, your listening environment and room acoustics or your hearing.

The signals created by this app can be best used in conjunction with external devices, such as an audio spectrum analyzer or a sound level meter.




Please to click the following link to show "Audio Tone Generator Lite" from App StoreTM. It will be open our product page on App StoreTM.


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3.11 - You Must Believe In Spring


Seven years from that day, I can not forget the memory of the sufferings of the earthquake disaster.
I would like to express my deepest sympathy to all those who passed away.

I will give this song famous for the performances of Bill Evans to everyone who was victimized.
The original song is a masterpiece used in the French movie "The Young Girls of Rochefort" appeared by Catherine Deneuve.

”You Must Believe In Spring”
(Lyric: Alan & Marilyn Bergman / Composition: Michel Legrand)

When lonely feelings chill
The meadows of your mind
Just think if Winter comes
Can Spring be far behind?

Beneath the deepest snows
The secret of a rose
Is merely that it knows
You must believe in Spring!

Just as a tree is sure
Its leaves will reappear
It knows its emptiness
Is just the time of year

The frozen mountain dreams
Of April’s melting streams
How crystal clear it seems,
You must believe in Spring!

You must believe in love
And trust it’s on its way
Just as the sleeping rose
Awaits the kiss of May

So in a world of snow
Of things that come and go
Where what you think you know
You can’t be certain of
You must believe in Spring and love
You must believe in Spring and love

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Plum blossoming - Kyoto Gyoen


It was a very warm sunshine last weekend, so I went to Kyoto Gyoen park.

Kyoto Gyoen is a special place where the emperor of Japan lived for a long time ago, but now it is open as the National Park.

Plum blossoms were beginning to bloom, so it was very beautiful.


Plum has many buds, but I think that it will be in full bloom in the middle of this month.



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New updated - "Magnetscape Lite" ver 1.1


"Magnetscape Lite" has been updated to ver 1.1 today.

"Magnetscape Lite" is a free edition that is simplified the magnetic analyzing tool, "Magnetscape".

In the latest version, the angle display in Scope mode has been added as a new feature.



Please to click the following link to show "Magnetscape Lite" from App StoreTM. It will be open our product page on App StoreTM.


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New updated - "Magnetscape" ver 1.1


"Magnetscape" has been updated to ver 1.1 today.

"Magnetscape" is a new measurement app that observe invisible magnetic fields by using a built-in iPhone magnetic sensor.

This app can monitor the surrounding magnetic field in real time, it can be used for various purposes in real life. For example, it can be used for investigation of static magnetic field, search for low electromagnetic field at alternating magnetic field (electromagnetic field), metal detection and more.

In the latest version, the angle display in Scope mode has been added as a new feature.




Please to click the following link to show "Magnetscape" from App StoreTM. It will be open our product page on App StoreTM.


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