CS Port 212PA - Audio Session in OSAKA 2017


"CS Port", a new audio manufacturer demonstrated a huge vacuum tube monaural amplifier "212PA".

"212PA" was a Class A single 40 W non-feedback amplifier using "212E" triode vacuum tube developed in Western Electronic in the 1910's, so I was surprised by its smooth and clear sounds.

This tube "212E" is originally intended for wireless transmission, and is a huge triode vacuum tube with a size that is four times as large as 300B. It is actually being driven with a plate voltage of 1400V.
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AirTight AL-05 - Audio Session in OSAKA 2017


Last weekend, I went to Audio Shows in Osaka.

"High End Audio Show" and "Audio Session" events were held in two places.
Among them, I will introduce impressive products in "Audio Session" which are exhibited by Japanese audio manufacturer.

At the booth of a famous vacuum tube amp manufacturer "AirTight", the 10cm full range speaker "AL-05 BONSAI" was played with a very wonderful sound.

The demo sound system is all analog reproduction devices, LP player - 300B vacuum tube amplifier "ATM- 300Anniversary" - full range SP "AL-05".

I could not imagine that a small 10cm full range speaker was playing music. It was a sound rich in presence, and the dynamic range was sufficiently wide. It is worth for listening once.

"AL-05" was designed by Mr. Takanori Ohmura famous speaker designer. He aims to be able to reproduce the full impression of music with one full range unit.


On the web, I found a listening report of this SP on "The Absolute Sound" site, so please refer to it.
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It is SHURE V-15VxMR.

The highest grade product of SHURE is the V-15 series. This V-15VxMR is the final model, the production has ended in May 2005, even replacement needles can no longer be obtained with genuine products.

Fortunately in Japan, compatible needles for major cartridges are supplied from JICO, so it is appreciated that we can procure immediately.
# JICO website: https://shop.jico.co.jp/

SHURE's V series cartridge has a very high tracing ability, and even when the linear velocity drops at the innermost circumference of the record, it reproduces less distortion. In particular, V-15 type 3 released in the 70's was particularly popular among jazz fans.

Shure V-15VxMR spec.
- Power generation method : MM type
- Output voltage : 3 mV (1 kHz 5 cm / sec)
- Needle pressure : 1.5 - 1.75 g
- Playback frequency band : 10 - 25000 Hz
- Channel separation : 25 dB (1 kHz), 18 dB (10 kHz)
- Channel balance : 1.5 dB
- DC resistance : 1000 ƒΆ
- Load resistance : 47 kƒΆ
- Needle tip : Micro ridge needle (1.5 × 3.0 mils)
- Weight : 6.6 g
- Remarks : Beryllium cantilever
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Goodbye Krypton!


"Krypton light bulb" died today.

It has been active as bath room lighting for nearly ten years, so I liked the natural color tone unique to incandescent light bulbs.

This bulb is a 54W Krypton light bulb (LW100V54WL) made by Panasonic, which lowers thermal conductivity by enclosing krypton (Kr) gas with large atomic weight, so it has about twice of life and about 10% energy saving (-6W) for the silica light bulb.

Panasonic's incandescent light bulbs production has ended on October 31, 2012. If I purchase it now, it is more expensive than an LED bulb. I intended to use it very carefully, but now my stock of incandescent light bulb of this size has gone.


Since it can not be used any longer, I procured something that can produce natural colors with LEDs.
Although a little old product, Toshiba "E-CORE Kirei color" series LED bulbs appealing natural color rendering.
It has a natural color rendering index (Ra) of 90 and natural light color close to an incandescent light bulb, and the skin color is so beautiful.

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Ginnan Daifuku - Sendaro Kyoto.


"Ginnan Daifuku" , Sendaro Kyoto Daimaru.

This is japanese sweets which is sold only for one day every month. November specials was Japanese sweets of ginkgo as the main character. It was a collaboration of seasonal exquisite contrast of sweetness of Bean jam to the salted ginkgo!
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akita-komachi .jpg

New rice "Akitakomachi" arrived from Akita!

Since the package is a very beautiful illustration, the expectation is slightly higher than in other prefectures.

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Kuri-kinton - Gifu


"Kuri-kinton", Japanese confectionery of Ena-Kawakamiiya in Gifu.

I received this confectionary as a souvenir. It has a very elegant taste with plenty of chestnut flavor. As expected, the Gifu's authentic sweets "Kuri-kinton" are quite different in grade.

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ENTRE EC-15x Limited


It is an old lost brand, ENTRE "EC-15x Limited" phono cartridge.

It was a phantom product of a specialty cartridge manufacturer called "Soltia Acoustic" which existed until the 1980s. ENTRE released orthodox Ortfon type MC cartridge and step-up transformer.

There were many small cartridge manufacturers in Japan until the 1980s, competing with products with various individualities.

ENTRE EC-15x Limited spec.
- Power generation method : MC type
- Output voltage : 0.24 mV (1 kHz 5 cm / sec)
- Needle pressure : 1.7 - 2.3 g (optimum 2.0 g)
- Playback frequency band : 15 - 50000 Hz
- Channel separation : 23 dB (1 kHz)
- Channel balance : 1 dB (1 kHz)
- Electrical impedance : 3.5 ƒΆ
- Dynamic compliance : 13 × 10 -6 cm / dyne
- Vertical tip : shape Elliptical needle
- Weight : 5.9 g
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Audio Technica AT33VTG


Audio Technica "AT33VTG" phono cartridge was found.

By the recent analog boom, I try to search vintage audio that is sleeping somewhere in my house.
Just by changing cartridges, it can play with completely different sounds. That fun was unique to analog audio. I would like to introduce it in the future.

"AT33 VTG" is a limited production MC cartridge released around 1995.
Result data obtained by measuring the frequency characteristics of this product is included. It is flat in almost all bands, it is slightly high rising characteristic from around 10 kHz.

Specifications are as follows.

Audio Technica AT 33 VTG
- Power generation method : MC type
- Output voltage : 0.5 mV (1 kHz 5 cm / sec)
- Needle pressure : 1.6 - 2.0 g (optimum 1.8 g)
- Frequency response : 15 - 50000 Hz
- Channel separation : 30 dB (1 kHz)
- Channel balance : 0.5 dB
- Load resistance : 20 ƒΆ or more
- Electric impedance : 17 ƒΆ
- Dynamic compliance : 10 × 10 -6 cm / dyne
- Needle tip : micro linear needle
- Weight : 6.8 g
- Release : November 1995
- Remarks : Limited production of 1000 units.
AT33ML/OCC based limited model
Neodymium magnet used
Gold vapor deposited boron cantilever
Titanium compound housing
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Coriander germinated!


The autumn sowing coriander germinated.
The young buds of coriander began to grow in about the first week, now it is just the second week.

In this early summer, I got some coriander seed that cultivated since last autumn. In addition to that seed, I tried planting a commercial coriander spice seed.

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